The Master and Me

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There was much published and writen about Frank and his Music. And there also a couple of better ZAPPA-Sites on the Web, but in one case they reflect the sensirley Thank, and in other, how different the People feel about his Work and Perfor-

But I feel so free to join the Circle.

My first contact was back at 1974 ,when I listen closer to an Album called "APOSTROPHE´" Even when
I heard some other Records before - they was a kind of strange for a Boy age of 14, with a small knowing of the english Language .( At this Point take my apologize for the misspelling ect.) And then I buyed the mentioned Album,
and I understand the most of the Words -my Friend Jesse W. Cox was also very helpfull - I shivred with Na -
nuk, and become angry about Fur-Trappers, and in the Winter, evrey yellow Spot in the Snow was a sign of danger
- dont rub it in other Peoples Face exept they wanna harm you or any Babyseal , Then for the next couple of Weeks
my Dictionary was the most reading Book ever, and while hearing all Songs over and over, I changed to what I´m today a


I was getting the final Kick during my first Visit to the USA - It was the Season to be Jelly - in Mt. Holly (NJ) following an Invitation of Jesse W. Cox -as I mentioned a Friend of mine (sent my Regards if you know him)
We was cruising for Bugers on Christmas Eve, whit a Doge -it wasn´t a ´54 - but he had a mashed up Door. Impressed by the Ilumation of the Peoples Houses -it seems like the Light Bulbs are cheaper as here in Germany- he was standing there, holding his little Light in Front, like a Match surrounded by Halogen Headlights. A need little Jokey. It takes 2 strong Man to save me, from knocking him down - in the knowlege, this must be the Residence of rich People - and before the get up....
I be gone
Some of you People out there may know or wanna know everything about Frank, and I wanna share my Part to. Here it comes. On the March 1979 released album called SHEIK YERBOUTI - wich I hear while writing these Text - is a Song named YO´ MAMA where wrotes :

"basic track for vocal sections and middle
of guitarsolo were recorded live at the
Odeon Hammersmith, London; guitar -
solo is from a four track recording made
in some little town outside of Nürnberg
that I can´t remember the name of "
I remember the name cause I was there.

The Name is : Neunkirchen am Brand
Country : Germany
State : Bavaria
Population : 6500
Longitude : 11 15´ 01"
Latitude : 49 36´ 54"
This Site is dedicated to Frank, and shut reflect my personal thoughts and feelings about the Man and his Music.
Living 25 Years, whit them, there´s a lot to write about, so this Place will be always                
Hear a Message from Frank

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